Catering Pod Finance

Need to get finance to purchase a catering pod?

No problem, we can help with that. 

Catering Pods finance is available for UK projects.

Catering Pods UK is committed to providing simple financing options for your catering pod.

Our attention to detail, expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction ensure that your catering pod finance solution meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

By offering flexible lease terms, fixed payments, and tax-efficient options, we make securing your dream catering pod easy and financially manageable, allowing you to focus on taking your catering business to new heights.

We offer finance on both our Lite Pod and Icon Pod solutions, we can support your Catering Pod needs with easy financing options.

Finance Benefits


Top-Quality Equipment Now

Financing allows you to acquire the best equipment for your standalone catering unit immediately, spreading the cost over its useful life instead of settling for inferior options.



Budget Control

With fixed payments for the duration of the finance lease, you know exactly what and when you are paying, making budget management easier for your catering pod operations.


Flexible Upgrade Paths

You have the flexibility to upgrade or settle the finance lease at any point throughout the term, allowing your catering pod to adapt and grow with your business needs.


Tax Efficiency

Finance leases for catering pods are 100% allowable against pre-tax profits, providing significant tax relief and potential self-financing benefits for your catering business.


Preserves Working Capital

Financing preserves valuable cash within the business, allowing you to use it for continued growth rather than tying it up in depreciating assets, ensuring your catering pod investment is financially sustainable.


Protects Other Lines of Credit

Existing credit lines, such as bank overdrafts or other facilities, remain intact, providing a safety net for uncertain times, ensuring your standalone catering unit's financial stability.

Make Payments Easy

Leasing transforms a large capital expenditure into manageable monthly payments, allowing your business to access profit-making equipment immediately while preserving cash reserves.

Instead of tying up valuable cash in depreciating assets, you can use these reserves to boost profits and fuel business growth.

We work alongside Complete Leasing for our finance solutions for catering pods.

Our Finance Partner

Example Catering Pod (electrics and catering equipment extra)

Net equipment cost: £18,153.00

Business type: Established Business


Term Monthly Payment Weekly Cost Tax Relief Net Cost After Tax Relief
2 Years £905.47 £208.95 £4,128.94 £17,602.34
3 Years £636.08 £146.79 £4,350.79 £18,548.09
4 Years £502.11 £115.87 £4,579.24 £19,522.04
5 Years £422.42 £97.48 £4,815.59 £20,529.61

All figures quoted are indicative only and subject to VAT, final underwriting, admin fees, payment by Direct Debit, and the lender's terms and conditions. Leasing is 100% allowable against taxable profits. The above tax relief figures assume 19% small profits rate and may demonstrate self-financing. For exact taxation benefits relevant to your business, it is recommended that you seek professional financial advice from your accountant or tax advisor.